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400 – 3033 Immel St Abbotsford, BC V2S 6S2

Welcome. We have been Abbotsfords Dentist for over 25 years.

Our group of Abbotsford dentists and specialists are committed to you. Call 604-755-1145



  • abbotsford dentist with convenient hours

    Convenient Hours.

    We are open 68 and a half hours a week! Plenty of time to fit you in. Evenings, Weekends or even before work. Hours that fit with you and your families schedule.

    abbotsford dentist that accepts insurance

    Insurance Accepted.

    We accept most insurance plans, can electronically file your claims for faster processing and deal with insurance companies on your behalf. We also accept direct billing from your insurance company.

    abbotsford children's dentist

    We Love Children.

    We have a large play area equipped with TV, books, playhouse, bean bag chairs and video games for your children’s entertainment and comfort. Video games for your children’s entertainment and comfort.

  • abbotsford dentist can see your entire family at once

    Entire Family. One Visit.

    We have multiple hygienists allowing your entire family to be in and out at the same time. Now you can peacefully get your cleaning done knowing the whole family is being looked after.


    Specialists on Staff.

    No need to travel to another office. As part of our dental team we have an Orthodontist, Periodontist (Gum Specialist), Endodontist (Root Canal Specialist), Maxillofacial Oral Surgeon and a Denturist.

    Dentist in Abbotsford for Nervous Patients

    Nervous for Treatment?

    Dental sedation is a safe and effective way to reduce the stress and anxiety associated with your dental appointment. We offer a number of fear and anxiety reducing options.

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Amazing Service and Stagg

Nov 08, 2014 by Angela Bowden-Raine

Had a recent dental emergency and being new to the area, did not have a family dentist yet. Clayburn Dental not only got me in in a timely manner but treated me as if I had been going there my whole life. I found the staff to have amazing customer service skills and every one of them were super friendly and knowledgable. I look forward to having Clayburn Dental care for the dental needs myself and my family for many years to come! I would also like to thank Tanya for her superb work, it's wonderful to have a confident smile again! Thank you Clayburn Dental :)

Jun 30, 2014 by Lorraine Lewis

Congratulations to Dr. Robert Brandt, voted to the 2014 Abbotsford "A-List" Favourite Dentist.

May 11, 2014 by Sharon Jackson

Overall a fast and painlessly appointment

best dental related experience ever'

Dec 20, 2013 by Leonard Jones

I was dis-appointment when the visit came to an end, I wanted to stay longer, ha ha. can't wait for my next appointment' it was really a fun time' its true' the old saying birds of a feather flock together' even the other patients were great'

Aug 29, 2013 by Terry Williams

I have had a decades long fear of dental work, a fear going back to my childhood. However my experience with the staff of Clayburn Dental , especially the team Dr. Hans and Michelle has been superb and much of that life long fear has disappeared with the wonderful treatment I have received with Clayburn. I would recommend Dr. Hans and Michelle to any and everyone!

Terry Vickerman.

A Whole new Experience

Aug 24, 2013 by Shirlee Mei Castro

Going to the dentist with my kids is no trouble for me... when I tell them we are going for our dental checkup they are always the first to get ready. Clayburn Dental provides a child friendly environment and the staffs are friendly and polite. I remember my childhood experience back home where we just sit outside in the waiting room and all you can hear is the sound of drilling... as a kid I used to imagine awful things being done with that sound...they had no TV or toys to keep kids busy while waiting. Even my dentist had a "heavy hand" . My jaw always hurts from keeping my mouth open for a long time. I'm so glad that my kids won't have to go through this experience. Thank you Clayburn Dental.

Smile Story :D

Aug 24, 2013 by Mary

My smile story:
For as long as I can remember, I have had the charming issue of 'vampire teeth'. I couldn't smile properly, I felt really self-concious, and I really couldn't wait for all my baby teeth to fall out so I could get braces! Still, I was a little worried about how uncomfortable they would be. Clayburn dental was great, telling me what was going on and making me feel completely at ease with my new braces, even fun with all the colors to choose from! Now, nearly three years later and 'fang-free', I have lovely straight teeth and no fear what so ever about going back to the dentist for the second part of my treatment, the *gasp* retainer. Thank you clayburn dental for my new smile!!

Greatful Grandson

Aug 23, 2013 by Susan Havinga

I would love to share my story of my grandson’s experience of going to the Dentist. At the age from 2 – 9 he was like most kids; a little nervous, but when it was all over no big deal. He even has had a few fillings done at the office. However, this started to change as he started to have anxiety about going to the dentist. I thought nothing of it, as he has done this before. About 1 year ago it was so bad that during a visit he stood up and fainted, falling into the counter: leaving him with a massive black eye. Since then, all the staff at Clayburn dental have been amazing for Jordan (not that they weren’t before) in trying to find ways to help him through this challenging time. Recently they came up with a game plan to help him work through his fears.
•To have the same dentist and hygienist all the time
•To give him as much time as he needed, even if that meant just sitting on the chair and going back home until the next visit.
•They allowed him to ask a lot of questions, and he even brushed on his own fluoride.
This visit was a miracle for me, as we have had to go to the hospital to get his teeth done since. After asking him how it went, he said that he was still nervous, but he knew that it was okay for him to come back.

Thank you
Susan Havinga
One happy Grandma & Grandson


Aug 22, 2013 by Elaine

I love that i can walk to the dentist office which is close to where I live. The staff was helpful when I needed assistance filling out forms. They did a thorough checkup with x-rays. The dentist I was going to for 40 years never did a check-up like Clayburn. The hygienist explained how I can keep my teeth cleaner. I like that they have appointments available any day to suit my schedule. I smiled when I received free gifts after my first appointment.

A place to take the whole family

Aug 21, 2013 by Joanne Patterson

Our family loves that we can book our appointments all together. The hygenists take the time to explain what they're doing and will be doing, making it a very comfortable experience for our children. The reminders are extremely helpful, and being able to confirm the appointments via email is very convenient. Clayburn Dental has been the best fit for our entire family.

CLAYBURN DENTAL , USA 5.0 5.0 28 28 Had a recent dental emergency and being new to the area, did not have a family dentist yet. Clayburn Dental not only got me in in a timely manner but treated me as if I had been go

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