Dr. Mandeep Toor

Dr. Mandeep Toor

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Meet Abbotsford Dentist Dr. Mandeep Toor

Dr. Toor graduated from the University of British Columbia with her undergraduate and dental degree while being on the Dean Honours List throughout her education for her academic excellence. She was awarded the Monarch Pediatric Dental Centre Award upon graduation. Dr. Toor is a people-person who enjoys building a rapport with patients and their families to make their dental experience comfortable and pleasant. It is her goal to merge the dentistry knowledge she has acquired with her enthusiasm and passion for the profession, and her dedication to provide the greatest degree of health care to her patients. She enjoys all areas of dentistry and focuses on oral health education. She took part in volunteer dentistry during her education and wishes to continue to do so yearly with dental mission trips abroad.

Dr. Toor enjoys hiking, swimming, exercising, travelling, listening to audiobooks, and being around family and friends. Interesting fact: Dr Toor’s brother is attending the University of Toronto to become a dentist and her cousin graduated from Oregon Health Science University with her dental degree the same year as Dr. Toor graduated.


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