Dr. Robert Brandt

About Dr. Robert Brandt

2016-03-15 02.00.39 Dr. Robert Brandt is a graduate from UBC. As an artist and a scientist, he found the perfect blend of both paths in the practice of dentistry where the skillful hand is as important as the focused mind. General practice offers many new challenges and opportunities to help people. It is the interaction with patients, be it relieving their pain and anxiety, creating a new smile, or answering their questions, Dr. Brandt looks forward to each day.

Currently finalizing plans for further training in the placement of dental implants Dr. Brandt has also taken continuing education in oral surgery, forensics, and advanced prosthodontics. When he isn’t applying his problem solving logic or artistic eye to tackling every day dental concerns, he is busy spending time with his wife Joyelle, their 2 cats (Cloud and Sky), or on one of his many creative pursuits. Although pencil drawings of people have always been the work he is best known for, he also enjoys painting, photography, and creating a myriad of different computer generated artworks.

Dr. Brandt’s wife completed her first CD in 2004, for which he provided the cover artwork, and he continues to expand the number of local musicians he has done design work for. The visual medium has never completely satisfied Dr. Brandt as a sole method of expression, and this, combined with his love for language, has also lead him along the path of creative writing. He is currently hard at work on his first novel, “A Fairytaile For Grown-ups”, which he is also creating the artwork for.

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