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Do I Need to Have My Wisdom Teeth Removed by the Dentist?

clayburn dental - wisdom teeth removalRemoving your wisdom teeth is a common procedure nowadays for many dental patients—it’s even seen as a rite of passage for young adults, since late teens to early 20’s is a typical time for getting your wisdom teeth taken out.

But many people dread the idea of having their wisdom teeth removed. A lot of patients at Clayburn Dental in Abbotsford express concern about the impacts of wisdom-teeth procedures.

Tooth extraction isn’t exactly a walk in the park, and for some people, even if the painful elements of the procedure itself can be offset with dental sedation, side-effects of recovering from wisdom-teeth removal can last for up to a whole week.

Many other Abbotsford dental patients wonder if extracting their wisdom teeth is even necessary. Some people think that if their wisdom teeth aren’t bothering them or causing any pain, then it’s not worth the risk to remove them.

It is true that an estimated 60% of all wisdom-teeth extractions aren’t needed, strictly speaking. However, there are still a lot of good reasons to consider removing your wisdom teeth, many of which are preventative measures for good oral health later in life that aren’t even included in the above statistic about “necessary” wisdom-tooth removals.

Should I Get My Wisdom Teeth Removed at Clayburn Dental in Abbotsford?

As mentioned, there are a number of reasons to consider removing your wisdom teeth. Here are the three main reasons to get your wisdom teeth removed:

1. Damage to other teeth

Wisdom teeth are the molars that grow in the very back of your mouth, but they don’t erupt (i.e., break through the gum line) until young adulthood. Because they appear later in life than all of your other teeth, they sometimes cause problems, such as damage to other teeth.

Your mouth is bigger as an adult than as a child, with other teeth already fully grown in. This means that there might not be room for your wisdom teeth to extract properly. Often they come in diagonally, pushing up against other teeth, causing pain and bite problems.

And when wisdom teeth are pushing up or growing against other teeth, this usually means they only partially emerge, resulting in passageways around your gums that could lead to infections.

2. Gum infections and gum disease

Often when wisdom teeth erupt, they can swell the surrounding tissue area in your gums. When this happens, you open yourself up to an increased risk of gum disease and a host of other infection problems. Even if you don’t feel pain right away or it’s hard to see any swelling, the aggravation to your gum line can still be conducive to bacteria building up slowly.

Swollen gums also create little pockets of space around your teeth for bacteria to form. It is more difficult to clean these areas than in other parts of your mouth, and this bacteria causes cavities and tooth decay in many circumstances.

3. Preventative oral hygiene

Lastly, one of the main reasons dentists recommend removing your wisdom teeth has to do with keeping your teeth and gums healthy for the future.

Even if your wisdom teeth don’t erupt at an awkward angle to damage other teeth nor cause any significant swelling to infect gums, they still create four more spots in your mouth between teeth and around your gum line for bacteria to develop, increasing risk for problems in later years.

And since it’s also more difficult to extract teeth as you age because tooth enamel hardens over time, it is best practice to save yourself any trouble and prevent the problem from occurring before it even happens.

Deciding to Extract Your Wisdom Teeth – Talk with Your Dentist

You should always consult with your dentist about making a major decision such as removing wisdom teeth. Here at Clayburn Dental in Abbotsford, we’ll provide personalized and professional feedback about what we think is best for your overall oral hygiene and whether wisdom-teeth extraction is right for you.

Call us today at 604-852-8487 or request an appointment online to learn about your options for wisdom-teeth removal at your Abbotsford dentist.

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Clayburn Dental Christmas Toy Drive



Clayburn Dental’s Christmas Toy Drive is on!

This year, we are thrilled to be partnering with the Fraser Valley Aboriginal Children and Family Services Society (FVACFSS) to spread holiday joy through providing toys and gifts to families and children living on and off reserve in communities throughout the Fraser Valley.

Help support Clayburn Dental’s 2016 Toy Drive

From now until December 18th, drop off any new and unopened toys at Clayburn Dental in Abbotsford. For every toy that you bring in, we will match your donation with an additional toy.

Join us in the spirit of Christmas and make the holidays a bit brighter for deserving families in our community!

Date: Until December 18th, 2016

Address: 400 – 3033 Immel St Abbotsford, BC V2S 6S2

Mon-Thu: 7am – 9pm
Fri: 7am – 5pm
Sat: 8am – 4:30pm
Sun: 9am – 5pm

About Fraser Valley Aboriginal Children and Family Services Society

FVACFSS provides culturally appropriate and holistic services through prevention, community development and child safety programs to Aboriginal children, youth and their families throughout the Fraser Valley. FVACFSS operates with a central office located in Chilliwack and regional offices in Abbotsford, Agassiz, Langley and Mission.

This year, FVACFSS’ goal is to provide 100 families with a food hamper and gifts for their children/youth that will enrich their Christmas experience.

Thank you for supporting our program and your thoughtfulness in providing toys to a good cause. Happy holidays from Clayburn Dental!

Questions? Please call us at 604-426-0922.

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Does Sedation Dentistry Really Work to Help Relax at the Dentist?

Sedation for Dental Fear and Dental Anxiety

clayburn dental - sedation dentistryDo you have a fear of the dentist? Many people experience anxiety while sitting in the dentist’s chair or even face panic attacks at the thought of going to the dentist. In fact, about 5-10% of the adult population suffers from an extreme version of this kind of fear, known as dental phobia.

Others can tolerate regular dentist check-up visits, but for more special procedures that sometimes result in pain for most people, the idea of sitting in the dentist’s chair is daunting.

Dental sedation to help minimize or completely eliminate dental anxiety, dental fear or pain at the dentist is a common process for many patients. But different types of sedation exist for different circumstances, people and dentist procedures—and many people wonder if sedation is worth it and if it really works.

The dental professionals at Clayburn Dental in Abbotsford are highly trained and knowledgeable about dental sedation and applying different sedatives for our patients. Learn about the different types of sedation available to help you reduce pain and anxiety while visiting your Abbotsford dentist.

What is Dental Sedation?

Sedation dentistry is the process of using various kinds of medications to either help you relax, feel little or no pain or to put you asleep while visiting the dentist. Sometimes known as “sleep dentistry”—this term is misleading since not all forms of sedation dentistry involve putting the patient into an unconscious state.

What are the Different Types of Dental Sedations?

Local Anesthesia

Often known as simply “freezing,” local anesthesia is the most common and basic form of sedation dentistry with little risk. It involves isolating the part of your mouth that requires a pain medication and applying the selected aesthetic medication to that area.

Most local anesthetics are topical for minor pain relief or can involve a needle for procedures that result in intermediate levels of pain. The pain medication applied by needles usually comes into effect in a matter of seconds, so the pain of the needle is very short-lived.

Inhaled Minimal Sedation or Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is a gas that is mildly inhaled before and during certain dental procedures to bring a general sense of relaxation and to help reduce pain at the dentist. It is an ideal option for people who express anxiety and want to feel comfortable while sitting in the dentist’s chair. Nitrous oxide is also appropriate for children who are afraid of the dentist or who have trouble sitting still.

Inhaled-sedation dentistry, when done in small doses, often is also conducive for driving home after a trip to the dentist.

Oral Sedation

Some anxiety pills can be consumed orally, usually an hour before the dental procedure, to significantly reduce both pain and fear for a trip to the dentist. Most dentists use Triazolam (originally known as Halcion), a member of the same family of drugs as Diazepam (originally marketed as Valium).

Triazolam produces drowziness but does not fully put you to sleep, so it carries less risk than general anesthesia. It creates a deep sense of relaxation with amnesiac effect; therefore Abbotsford dentist patients who take oral sedation experience very little or no pain and anxiety.

IV Sedation (Intravenous Sedation)

IV dental sedation involves putting you into a semi-conscious state through an intravenous needle to help you feel relaxed.

Many Abbotsford dental patients seek this type of sedative relaxation at Clayburn Dental. It places you in a semi-sleep mode where you’re still slightly awake but not conscious enough to feel much pain while at the dentist. It is handy for longer and complex dental procedures so that you don’t feel any discomfort while at the dentist.

General Anesthesia (Unconscious Sedation)

For Abbotsford dental patients who require very lengthy and invasive dental procedures or who experience severe levels of dental phobia and dental anxiety, general anesthesia may be an appropriate option.

Sometimes referred to as “deep sedation” since it puts you fully to sleep, because of your unconscious state, you feel absolutely no pain—or anything at all—while sitting in the dentist’s chair.

Does Dental Sedation Work and is Sedation Right for Me?

Sedation dentistry is a proven way of reducing fear, anxiety and pain while visiting Clayburn Dental. Your Abbotsford sedation dentists at Clayburn are registered to administer and monitor sedatives with the College Dental Surgeons of B.C. Of course, there is always risk, but it is generally a very safe and often nonintrusive way to help you get on your way to a perfect smile.

Sedation dentistry is right for people with dental phobia or severe dental anxiety, have a low tolerance for pain, sensitive teeth, high gag reflexes and/or need to undergo a serious and potentially painful dental procedure.

Always talk to your Abbotsford dentist about whether or not sedation is right for you. Those who are obsess, or have severe sleeping problems or other medical conditions should consult their doctors. Always disclose your medical history to Clayburn Dental before while enquiring about dental sedation so we can make safe recommendations to you.

Call us today at 604-852-8487 or request an appointment online and learn how we can help you feel relaxed while visiting the dentist.

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Clayburn Dental is Voted Abbotsford’s Favourite Dentist – Thank You!

Thank You Abbotsford!

For the fourth year in a row, Clayburn Dental has been voted by Abbotsford News readers as Abbotsford’s Favourite Dentist!

abbotsford favourite dentist clayburn dental

(See the Abbotsford News 2016 A-List for more detail)

We are very honoured to once again be recognized as one of Abbotsford’s best businesses – especially as the dentist of choice in Abbotsford. There are a lot of outstanding dental clinics in Abbotsford, which makes this recognition even more appreciated by us.

To our patients, thank you so much for your ongoing support of our business. We look forward to continue serving you for years to come!

About the 2016 A-List

The Abbotsford News received nominations from their readers to determine this year’s listing of the best that Abbotsford’s has to offer, in over 130 categories. Congratulations to the other nominees, finalists and winners on all of their achievements this year!


The staff at Clayburn Dental

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Dental Tips for a Healthy Halloween

Healthy Smiles at Halloween

dental tips halloween clayburn dental

It’s that time of year again! Halloween is spooking up fast, and as fun as the holiday is for kids, it can wreak havoc on parents trying to keep their kids’ teeth healthy and clean.

Teaching your children responsible teeth-cleaning habits for their later years is also a difficult task every October 31st, as Halloween often sends mixed messages to kids about appropriate consumption levels of food notorious for tooth decay.

Halloween means lots of candy and sugary treats, which can damage tooth enamel, the hard, outer layer of teeth, and increase the risk of plaque and cavities. Many parents are rightfully concerned about children overindulging in candy as well.

Thankfully, Halloween is also a perfect opportunity to instruct children on good dental-hygiene habits and reinforce best practices to maintain a clean and healthy smile—without ruining all of the fun for the kids!

Here are five tips to help keep your kids’ teeth healthy for Halloween in Abbotsford.

1. Avoid Sticky Foods

Most sticky candies, such as taffy, gummies and caramel-based treats, including toffee, do the most damage to your children’s teeth, because they are prone to sticking in hard-to-clean spots in the mouth, both in between teeth and in pits and grooves along teeth surfaces.

As a result, they are huge culprits for cavities, and should be avoided as much as possible. Plus the longer the candy remains stuck in the mouth, the higher the risk for cavities.

If this kind of candy is your children’s favourite and you don’t want to cause a scene by confiscating all of it, encourage the kids to eat the sticky candy in moderation and ask them to brush their teeth right afterwards. Compromising this way also helps to encourage the children’s participation in other Halloween rules for healthy smiles you’ll want to implement.

2. Brush Every Night After Eating Candy

The basics of proper teeth cleaning still apply of course. Brushing twice a day is highly recommended to help keep your kids’ teeth clean and healthy, but it is especially important around Halloween. Sugars from Halloween candy can remain in the mouth overnight, so brushing before bedtime becomes essential this time of year.

If your children indulge in a high proportion of sour candy, however, try to encourage them to not have any before bedtime brushing. Sour candies are more acidic than other types of candy, and brushing teeth right after eating sour candy can have the adverse effect of spreading the acid around teeth surfaces.

3. Be a Good Neighbourhood Parent on Halloween

When other children visit your Abbotsford home on Halloween during trick-or-treating, try to do your part and help make other parents’ jobs easier. Pass out low-sugar chocolate (most chocolate is easier to clean than sticky candy!), non-sugar treats and chewing gum.

Gum also stimulates the production of saliva in the mouth, which in turn helps to naturally clean teeth. Plus, the more you help out other parents on your block, the more you’ll encourage them to do their part too on Halloween!

4. Check Your Kids’ Treats

Ask your children not to eat any of their treats before getting home. Obviously inspect the candy to make sure there is nothing allergy-causing or dangerous, but also try to ensure there is a reasonable portion of healthier candies and get a good idea of how much sugar and sticky candies the kids have. This way, you can better gauge a strategy for moving forward on how much and when the kids can eat their candies while maintaining clean and healthy teeth.

5. Develop a Strategy With Your Children for Halloween Candy

Try to work out a system with your kids for how many candies they can consume in a day, the times of day that are appropriate for candy eating and for setting up candy as a reward for other good behaviour.

Portioning out the treats as surprises in school lunches and/or only encouraging candy after a large meal are great examples for moving forward. Plus, if you develop these plans with your kids, it will help them feel involved and better encourage the healthy-eating habits for their teeth.

Visit Your Abbotsford Dentists at Clayburn Dental for Our Popular Halloween Candy Buy Back

We are excited to announce our third-annual Halloween Candy Buy Back in Abbotsford, on November 1st and 2nd. For every pound of candy your child brings us, we will pay them $2 (up to a maximum of $20) and all of the candy will be donated to the Abbotsford Salvation Army.

The idea behind our event is to encourage Abbotsford children to eat candy in moderation, not to mention each year the kids get a kick out of earning a few bucks for donating their extra candy!

Also don’t forget to ensure your kids are scheduled for a check-up dental appointment after Halloween this year, so we can “treat” any problems that pesky Halloween candy might’ve caused.

Call us today at 604-852-8487 or request an appointment online today.

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3 Ways to Whiten Your Teeth on a Budget

Budget-Friendly Teeth Whitening Tips

whiten teeth on a budget clayburn dental

It’s a simple fact of life: the whiter your teeth, the bigger your smile. Everybody wants to get whiter teeth, but sometimes the myriad of options available, ranging from different dental techniques to a grocery-store shelf full of products, can be overwhelming.

Discoloured teeth, yellow teeth, teeth stains—all of these are considered undesirable in society. From pursuing job opportunities to romantic relationships, having gleaming white teeth provides confidence and added benefits in life.

But heavy teeth bleaching for whiter teeth isn’t for everybody, or maybe some people don’t have dental insurance. For others, quick results are a priority, so inexpensive teeth-whitening solutions are ideal.

However, some do-it-yourself methods aren’t as good as others. When living on a budget, you want to make sure the advice you’re getting for affordable teeth-whitening options is effective and will deliver the whiter teeth you desire!

That’s why here at Clayburn Dental in Abbotsford, we’ve put together our three best tips for getting whiter teeth on a budget.

1. Prevention – Keep Teeth Healthy for a Whiter Smile!

Doing everything you can to prevent your teeth from staining and getting yellow in the first place goes a long way towards whiter teeth and a healthy, beautiful smile.

Preventative dentistry is hugely important towards whiter teeth. Simple dental hygiene tips like brushing your teeth twice a day remains the single most effective and budget-conscious way of preventing tooth decay and teeth discolouration. Cutting back on alcohol, coffee, red wine and quitting smoking are all easy and proven ways to not only maintain good oral health but cosmetically keep tooth enamel strong and looking great.

With the right preventative care for your teeth in dental health, you’ll be on your way to the whitest teeth in Abbotsford while living on a family budget!

2. Whitening Toothpaste and Teeth-Whitening Products

A popular budget-friendly solution for people looking to affordably whiten their teeth while on a budget is to invest in special whitening toothpaste and over-the-counter teeth-whitening products.

Whitening toothpaste is inexpensive and can be bought at most drugstores and grocery stores. Typically they contain special abrasives to polish teeth and certain chemicals to break down, dissolve or cover-up stains, such as blue covarine. Be sure to look for whitening toothpaste with a seal of approval from the Canadian Dental Association so you know that it is safe and effective to use.

A lot of at-home teeth-whitening products such as gels and strips are also popular. A lot of these products are convenient for when you’re cash-strapped and seeking a quick solution for teeth a couple shades whiter within a few weeks. And although these products have varying degrees of effectiveness, for the most part they are capable of temporarily masking surface-level stains on the top layer of your teeth enamel. But be careful not to overuse them because that could lead to teeth looking unnaturally translucent and blue in colour.

3. DIY Home Teeth Whitening: Is It Effective?

There’s no shortage of cheap and custom-made, DIY solutions and advice for whitening your teeth with common household products. Many such solutions recommend combinations of all-natural products, so if you are on a tight budget, you have little to lose with trying some of them. Swishing your mouth with canola or vegetable oil for 20 minutes a day or brushing your teeth with small doses of baking soda and warm water are popular suggestions found online and overheard at dinner parties. Be mindful, however, that although these options are always affordable, results are sporadic, never guaranteed and rarely long-term.

Visit Your Abbotsford Dentist at Clayburn Dental for Professional Teeth Whitening

Of course, if at-home teeth-whitening solutions don’t deliver the more long-term and exceptionally beautiful results that you desire, the dental professionals at Clayburn Dental in Abbotsford, BC offer customizable and effective teeth-whitening services that fit all kinds of budgets. We fabricate custom-fitted moulds to wear with specially made teeth-whitening solution to tackle deep teeth stains on your natural tooth enamel.

Call us today at 604-852-8487 or request an appointment online and learn how we can help you achieve whiter teeth today!

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Halloween Candy Buy Back 2016

Healthy Smiles at Halloween

clayburn dental halloween buyback 2016
What is the Halloween Candy Buy Back?

Clayburn Dental is excited to announce the return of our annual Halloween Candy Buy Back program!

On November 1 and 2, bring your kids and stop by our dental clinic in Abbotsford to drop off any extra Halloween candy that your little ones collected from trick-or-treating. We will buy your candy back at $2 per pound (up to a max of $20). All of the candy collected will be donated to the Abbotsford Salvation Army.

Join us on Tuesday, November 1 and Wednesday, November 2, 2016. $2 per pound of candy donated. 
400 – 3033 Immel St Abbotsford, BC V2S 6S2

Cash for Candy – For a Good Cause!

Now in our third year, the idea behind the event is not to stop children from enjoying a little candy but encourage moderation. Plus it’s just a lot of fun and the kids get a kick out of getting the money!

All of the candy that we collect goes to the Abbotsford Salvation Army as they have a need for it for their parades and other events. It generally takes them a year to redistribute the candy through their various avenues.

Thank you for supporting our program and your thoughtfulness in providing candy to a good cause.

Questions? Please call us at 604-852-8487.

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Top 10 Dental Hygiene Tips for a Beautiful Smile

Dental Hygiene Tips for Stronger, Healthier Teeth

dental hygiene tips clayburn dental

You’ve heard it time and time again — dental health is important. Healthy-looking gums and white teeth make all the difference in the world; you’ll feel more confident in life and look fantastic in those family-reunion photos too!

Oral health also goes a long way towards overall health too, in addition to a beautiful smile. Plaque, tooth decay and gum disease can all link to other infections and diseases throughout your body; keeping your teeth and gums clean is strong protection against a host of medical concerns because your mouth can be a harbour for bacteria.

For all of these reasons, simply going to your local Abbotsford dentist for dental cleaning checkups is only one piece of the puzzle. Incorporating good cleaning and preventative habits into your daily schedule for your oral health is an incredibly effective and even necessary factor to a strong and amazing-looking smile.

But in today’s busy, modern world, sometimes it can be easy to overlook or—gulp—even forget some of the basic but easy habits required for good oral health.

Clayburn Dental in Abbotsford has prepared these 10 best tips for a strong and healthy smile to help your teeth look amazing and become as healthy as ever!

1. Brush Your Teeth Properly and Regularly

This first tip sounds like an obvious one but sometimes people neglect brushing here and there when their days get busy. However, brushing your teeth twice a day remains the single most time-efficient, simple and effective way to maintain good oral health. Only 30 seconds per brush is all you need.

Make sure you’re doing it right though. Use up-and-down and back-and-forth brush motions along the outer surfaces of your teeth on both the front and back areas, while also paying attention to the gum lines. But be mindful to replace your toothbrush at least once every six months, as bristles can becomes less effective as they wear down and bacteria can also build up on them over time on them.

2. Don’t Forget to Floss!

All too often flossing gets overlooked even more than brushing your teeth does, but it’s just as important because toothbrushes can’t clean in between your teeth. It can feel like a chore sometimes but in reality it’s actually a very easy and quick habit that anyone can do in no time.

Flossing allows you to clean in the deep crevasses between your teeth and get rid of plaque and built-up material along the sides of your teeth and along the gums, so flossing once a day makes a huge positive difference towards your long-term oral health.

3. Avoid Over-Consuming Coffee!

We know, we know. Coffee reigns supreme in many Abbotsford households, not to mention across Canada. One cup of Joe in the morning won’t hurt – not only does it help wake you up, but coffee contains phosphorous, a mineral that contributes to a healthy mouth. However, too much phosphorous actually backfires by depleting your body’s calcium level, and calcium helps keep teeth enamel strong. Plus, too much coffee is a long-term factor to teeth staining, and nobody likes yellow teeth!

4. Quit Smoking

The health detriments to smoking are plentiful and well documented, but how tobacco affects your teeth is one of the most damaging, multifaceted and ostensible dangers of this bad habit. Smoking is guaranteed to cause bad breath and stained teeth, and it also increases your risk substantially of gum disease, tooth decay and oral cancer.

5. Switch to Fluoride Mouthwash

Not all popular mouthwashes on the market have fluoride in them, but those that do provide a major boost to your oral health. A main ingredient in toothpaste, fluoride helps to prevent tooth decay and cavities, so fluoride mouthwash combined with brushing your teeth provides an extra line of defence for your oral health. Check the ingredients of your mouthwash the next time you’re visiting your local drug store or grocery store to make sure it contains fluoride.

6. Keep the Sweets to a Minimum

We all love candy or dessert every now and then, but sugary foods and beverages increase the risk of cavities when over-consumed. Try to only indulge in sugary tweets occasionally, avoid carbonated soft drinks such as cola when possible and plan a balanced and healthy meal schedule to make this process a lot easier.

7. Drink Lots of Milk

Milk is an excellent source of calcium, which helps strengthen teeth and decreases your odds of dental diseases. It goes great with cereal too, but remember, try to avoid sugary cereals!

8. Don’t Forget to Clean your Tongue

More than half of the bacteria that lives in your mouth is actually on your tongue. Plus, tongue bacteria contributes to bad breath, not to mention gum disease. Make sure to brush the top of your tongue each time you brush your teeth, or better yet, simply invest in specially made tongue cleaners that you can easily buy over-the-counter at most drug stores, since they can usually be more effective than toothbrushes.

9. Exercise

That’s right, exercise. Research shows that people who exercise regularly are 40% less likely to experience periodontitis, otherwise known as advanced gum disease.

10. Visit Your Abbotsford Dentist at Clayburn Dental Twice a Year

And finally, visit your dentist at least twice a year for a cleaning checkup. Not only do we help clean your teeth, but we also examine your oral health to help check for any concerns, prevent future problems and rectify current ones you might not even know you have.

Visit Clayburn Dental

The Abbotsford dentists at Clayburn Dental are accepting new patients and we are also kid-friendly. Call us today at 604-852-8487 or easily request an appointment online and learn how we can help your whole family get stronger, healthier, beautiful teeth today!

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How to Help Kids Overcome Their Fear of the Dentist

5 Tips to Overcome Your Child’s Dental Fear

helping kids overcome their fear of the dentist - clayburn dental

At Clayburn Dental in Abbotsford, we understand that kids have anxieties about visiting the dentist. The idea of going to a bright room with unknown and sterile objects around them while a stranger puts metal objects in their mouth can be as scary as a bad nightmare.

In fact, being afraid of going to the dentist is so common in pediatric dentistry, it’s known as “odontophobia.” Studies suggest that approximately 10% of all children suffer from odontophobia, and as many as 20% exhibit at least mild anxiety during their first visits to the dentist.

Odontophobia causes additional stress to your child that could adversely affect their oral health. Almost two-thirds of all children who get scared about the dentist develop behaviour that makes dental care difficult.

With baby teeth falling out at a young age, many children require as many as ten visits to the dentist by the age of five! So it’s important to ensure your child’s comfort at the dentist from the very first visit so that they can begin looking forward to coming to the dentist in Abbotsford.

Your Abbotsford dentist at Clayburn Dental values establishing a positive relationship early to lead to strong dental health and a healthy smile for the rest of your child’s life! That’s why we’ve prepared five tips to help prepare your child for the dentist’s chair!

1. Start Them Young

Take your child to their first dental visit in Abbotsford as early as the age of one! Most toddlers don’t finish teething until around the age of three, but even in those early years, you’ll want to give your child a great first impression of the dentist.

Dr. Rhea M. Haugseth of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry advises that your toddler’s first couple dental visits are less about treatment and more about preventative care. “It’s really about educating the parent on what to do to keep your child in optimal oral health,” she says. Learning about how to best help your child with their oral health and making them—and you—feel comfortable at the dentist’s office go a long way towards positive experiences at the dentist down the road.

2. Avoid Bribery and Focus on Positivity

Most pediatric dentists recommend not promising your child sugary treats as a bribe for visiting the dentist. Not only does that send the wrong message for a clean, healthy mouth, but children will tend to feel even more apprehensive about the dental office if they know it’s something that would compel their parents to offer them sweets for visiting. Instead, focus on positive thoughts about visiting the dentist to help calm your child for future visits.

Also avoid giving your child false hope by guaranteeing there will be no pain or that the dentist won’t find anything bad. Letting your child down will have long-term repercussions that are avoidable. Instead, focus on positivity again by talking about the importance of oral health to your child.

3. Stay Cool and Avoid Your Own Anxiety

Studies show that as many as 10% of adults suffer from odontophobia too. Showing your own anxiety around your kids will only make things worse, as it could give your child the wrong impression. Some parents who have anxieties also think that bringing their kids along to their own dentist visits is a good idea, but kids might sense the fears that the adults have and also become intimidated by the adult-oriented environment they’re in.

4. Choose the Right Dentist and Be Consistent

Finding a pediatric dentist who loves children is important to help your child feel positive about getting their teeth clean. Your Abbotsford dentist at Clayburn Dental features kid-friendly dentist rooms while your child’s teeth are being examined, so your child can feel comfortable from their very first visit. Staying consistent also helps achieve a good routine for your child to develop a positive relationship with your Abbotsford dentist and reduce anxiety levels with each subsequent visit.

5. Take Your Child on a Pretend Dentist Visit

Going on a trial run of your child’s first visit to the dentist is an excellent way to help them feel confident and excited for the real thing. Clayburn Dental in Abbotsford even offers a special Kid’s Tour to introduce them to their Abbotsford kid dentist, let them have a “chair ride” and meet the popular Tooth Explorer and Water Squirt characters in our kid-friendly dentist rooms.

Visit Clayburn Dental

Talk to Clayburn Dental today about how we can help your child overcome their fear of the dentist with our free Kid’s Tour and kid-friendly dental services. Schedule a Kid’s Tour by emailing us at or calling 604-852-8487.

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Abbotsford dentist: What’s the best age for your children’s first dental visit?

Our Abbotsford cosmetic dentist says that many children’s dentists and orthodontists think that the optimum time to begin visiting your family dentist is when your child’s first teeth erupt and they feel that you should not wait later than the child’s first birthday. This advice is also endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. Though it may seem that this is a very young age, there’s an excellent reason: it’s important to start off right and you want your child to be familiar with both dental hygiene and with all the dental professionals who will assist them as well as your entire family to take care of their oral health.

During your child’s first appointment, your Abbotsford dentist will give you all the instructions you’ll require to ensure your child’s optimum oral health and they will also offer advice about dental hygiene care and diet.

Comprehensive dental examinations can really only be performed when your child is able to cooperate with the dentist. In most cases, you’ll know when your child is at that stage. But, there’s a difference between being able to cooperate and actually wanting to cooperate.

It will help a great deal if you introduce your little one to the idea of having their teeth worked on long before you set their first dental appointment.

Taking the child to the dentist for their first visit when their teeth first begin erupting will also help you teach them the habit of good dental hygiene. We all know that it can be difficult to get a little one to enjoy brushing and flossing their teeth.

Your Abbotsford children’s dentist will probably suggest beginning your dental hygiene by wiping the teeth with a damp rag after your little one eats or drinks as this wil help them to get used to having their teeth cleaned.

As they become used to this and begin getting teeth, you can then move on to brushing and flossing. Your dental hygienist will demonstrate the best ways to do this during your first visits. Starting with a toothbrush and toothpaste early is a crucial step in making sure that your child learns good oral hygiene habits and minimizes cavities. It’s also crucial to remember that your child should never swallow or eat the toothpaste! Start with a dab of fluoridated toothpaste about the size of a pea.

At Clayburn Dental, we enjoy kids and we know that they like to have fun. That’s why we offer a Kids Familiarization Tour which gives your children an opportunity to visit with the dental professionals and to enjoy a ‘chair ride’, look in the dental mirror and, have fun with the water squirter in an informal and relaxed manner.

Kids also love our dedicated Kid’s play area which is where kids of any age can play, read books, play video games and generally entertain themselves while waiting for their appointment or while waiting for mom or dad to finish their appointment.

Please call us or use our online request booking form to set up a time to bring your little ones to visit. We also offer school tours, so tell your children’s school about this – we love to arrange for groups of students to visit and see how easy and fun it is to get started on a lifetime of good dental health.

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