Meet the Team: Dr. Robert Brandt

clayburn dental - dr. robert brandt Dr. Robert Brandt is the Dentist Team Leader and a practicing dentist at Clayburn Dental in Abbotsford.

Whether it is creating a new smile, relieving their pain or tackling everyday dental concerns, Dr. Brandt always brings his positive attitude to his patients and his team.

Let’s get to know Dr. Brandt better!

Who is your hero and why?

“My wife Joyelle for her tireless work to be a beacon of light in the world, whether it is through her art, her music, her books, her website aiding parents who are survivors of childhood abuse, her Love Your Body Summit helping support body positivity in women and girls, or her public speaking on many of the above topics…. And for doing all that while being a great mom, friend and wife.”

What celebrity would you like to meet? What would you ask them?

“Bruce Springsteen to talk to him about the creative process in his more story form acoustic songs, and George R.R. Martin to find out the ending of Game of Thrones in case he never finishes writing it!”

What are your hobbies?

“Writing, painting, photography, drawing. I enjoy creating and the creative process. I feel there is a need in the world for dreamers and creators, to bring light into the world, uplift others through form, color, and composition, and finally to tell a variety of stories that balance pure escapism with that deeper underlying truth about the world.

As K.M. Weiland said: stories give us the good truth and the bad truth, they open our minds and help us have empathy, they give us models to help us deal with challenges we encounter, and finally they teach us to hope. I believe stories do all of that and I want to write my own stories to share and enrich the world in some way big or small.”

Do you have any exciting news to share?

“I’m three-quarters of the way through writing a novel.”

What do you like most about working at Clayburn Dental?

“Working alongside a great group of kind and caring people who want to do their part to help others through service.”

Clayburn Dental’s Meet the Team blog series aims to introduce our community to the incredible staff that work at our dental clinic in Abbotsford.

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