Remember Your Checkup

We remember all of those important dates like birthdays and anniversaries, changing oil in the car, hair appointments, and paying taxes. But one of our most important annual events, our dental recare visit, is often forgotten, postponed, or cancelled! While you might think, “It’s just a checkup,” your recare appointment helps to monitor and maintain your good health.

Something as simple as the early detection of a cavity will save you money down the road, but the benefits do not stop there. Beyond brightening your smile and removal of dental tartar with a thorough cleaning, we evaluate the health of your gums (which has been linked to diabetes, stroke, premature birth, heart disease, and cancer) and screen for serious threats like oral cancer. Keeping tabs on your oral health is as important as your annual physical. Please check your calendar for your next appointment, and if you haven’t got one booked – call us today!

By : Stephen Wall /August 05, 2014 /Uncategorized / Comments

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