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Perfect Your Smile with Veneers

veneers - abbotsford dentist - clayburn dentalOne of the first things people often notice about others is their smile. Knowing this, many people with less than perfect teeth avoid smiling in social situations, and their confidence takes a hit. Porcelain veneers may be just what is needed to bring that smile out of hiding.

What are Veneers?

Your Abbotsford dentists improve one smile at a time, thanks to porcelain veneers. Veneers are thin porcelain shells that are permanently bonded to the front of individual teeth. Residents of Abbotsford, BC can discover the power of a confident smile in as little as two visits to Clayburn Dental.

What Issues Will Veneers Fix?

Whether the need for veneers is due to injury, decay, or discoloration, once the veneer is bonded to the tooth, all evidence of damage is concealed. Let’s look at several issues veneers can fix.

  • Worn down teeth
  • Chipped teeth
  • Discoloration
  • Gaps
  • Irregularly shaped teeth
  • Craters or bulges

Benefits Associated with Porcelain Veneers

  • Less of the healthy tooth structure is removed than with crowns.
  • Veneers are stain resistant.
  • They are made to match natural teeth.
  • Porcelain veneers may last for up to 15 years with proper care.

What to Expect During the Procedure

A consultation with your Abbotsford dentist will determine if veneers are ideal for you. Radiographs provide dentists with an overall picture of your oral health. Underlying conditions like gum disease and tooth decay must be addressed before treatment begins.

Once the initial exam is complete, approximately 1/2 mm of enamel is buffed away, and the tooth is shaped to ensure a proper fit. Most patients tolerate buffing with no anesthesia, but it is available if needed. An impression is made and used to create both a temporary veneer and the permanent porcelain version. Temporary veneers give patients a sneak-peek at how the final product will look.

Temporary veneers are removed, and teeth are cleaned, polished, and etched to achieve a durable bond. The permanent veneer will be placed on the tooth to check fit and color. Tiny corrections can be made on-site to ensure the fit is perfect. Bonding cement holds the veneer in place, and a special light beam hardens and sets the bond.

The Importance of Cleaning and Maintaining Porcelain Veneers

Since veneers simply cover natural teeth, proper care is required to prevent decay. Once veneers are set, they cannot be reversed. Brushing at least twice a day and flossing daily helps prevent future problems. If you grind or clench your teeth, you will need to discuss the use of a night guard to prevent damage to the veneers. Immediately following treatment, you may experience heat and cold sensitivity, but it generally decreases with time. Should one of your veneers break or chip, give the team at Clayburn Dental a call to set up an appointment right away to minimize further damage and discuss options.

Why Choose Clayburn Dental as Your Abbotsford Dentist?

At Clayburn Dental, our dentists have the experience and skills to help you decide if veneers are right for you. Contact the Clayburn Dental office at 604-852-8487 or request an appointment online to begin creating your perfect smile.

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Restore Your Smile With Dentures

Missing teeth can be a huge confidence killer for anybody. Having a beautiful smile is one of the most important factors in presenting your truest, happiest self to the world. And lost teeth also make day-to-day activities like eating complicated processes.

With so many options for teeth replacement, from partial dentures to full dentures and dental implants, many people struggle to identify what option is the best fit for them. Knowing what dentures are and understanding the differences between the different types of dentures are important first steps towards a beautiful new smile and regaining your oral health.

abbotsford dentures - clayburn dental

At Clayburn Dental in Abbotsford, we can help you decide if dentures are right for you and consult you on what is the best denture option so you can start smiling again!

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are artificial teeth to replace missing natural teeth. Think of them as dental prosthetics, which is what they technically are.

Dentures aren’t for everybody, but they are a convenient, natural-looking and relatively affordable option for replacing natural teeth.

Traditionally, dentures are removable, allowing you to take them out at night time so they can be cleaned. Dentures are shaped to your gum lines and held into your mouth the by tissues of your oral cavity. But some denture types can be bonded to your teeth or implanted.

What Are Dentures Made Of?

Dentures of yesteryear were primarily constructed out of porcelain or plastic, but these materials proved to have their challenges. Porcelain is still used today for some dentures because they can resemble and also feel like natural teeth, and they can be quite durable.

However, they can break if dropped on hard floors, and they are known to wear down natural teeth, making them a drawback for partial dentures.

Today, most modern dentures are made out of hard, acrylic resin, which is both less expensive than porcelain and lighter in weight. Acrylic-resin dentures also adhere securely to your denture base and are easy to adjust.

Different Types of Dentures

Partial Dentures

Partial, removable dentures are used when you are only missing a few teeth and when your nearby natural teeth are not strong enough to support dental bridges. They are custom fitted and are easily held into place by natural teeth and your gum lines.

Full Dentures

Full dentures, also known as complete dentures, are similar to partial dentures but have more artificial teeth on them because they are designed to be a substitute for when you are missing all of your teeth on the bottom or top of your mouth, or both. Suction along your gums keeps them secure.

Immediate Dentures and Overdentures

Alternative options include immediate dentures, which are constructed before your natural teeth are removed and then applied immediately upon extraction for during the healing process. Think of them as temporary dentures.

Overdentures are similar to full or partial dentures but are used as an “in-between” for when you have more than a few natural teeth missing but still a couple lingering ones left, or at least their roots which might still be in place. They are custom designed to fit over these existing teeth.

Dental Implants: Permanent Dentures

Finally, some people consider dental implants to be permanent dentures because they provide the same function as dentures yet they are not removable. Instead, a metal post usually made of titanium is inserted into your gums to serve as the root of the artificial tooth, and then the crown is attached on top of it.

Consider Dentures for a New Smile at Clayburn Dental in Abbotsford

If you have missing teeth and want to regain your smile, make an appointment with Clayburn Dental so we can help you get your life back with dentures today.

Call us today at 604-852-8487 or request an appointment online.

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3 Ways to Whiten Your Teeth on a Budget

Budget-Friendly Teeth Whitening Tips

whiten teeth on a budget clayburn dental

It’s a simple fact of life: the whiter your teeth, the bigger your smile. Everybody wants to get whiter teeth, but sometimes the myriad of options available, ranging from different dental techniques to a grocery-store shelf full of products, can be overwhelming.

Discoloured teeth, yellow teeth, teeth stains—all of these are considered undesirable in society. From pursuing job opportunities to romantic relationships, having gleaming white teeth provides confidence and added benefits in life.

But heavy teeth bleaching for whiter teeth isn’t for everybody, or maybe some people don’t have dental insurance. For others, quick results are a priority, so inexpensive teeth-whitening solutions are ideal.

However, some do-it-yourself methods aren’t as good as others. When living on a budget, you want to make sure the advice you’re getting for affordable teeth-whitening options is effective and will deliver the whiter teeth you desire!

That’s why here at Clayburn Dental in Abbotsford, we’ve put together our three best tips for getting whiter teeth on a budget.

1. Prevention – Keep Teeth Healthy for a Whiter Smile!

Doing everything you can to prevent your teeth from staining and getting yellow in the first place goes a long way towards whiter teeth and a healthy, beautiful smile.

Preventative dentistry is hugely important towards whiter teeth. Simple dental hygiene tips like brushing your teeth twice a day remains the single most effective and budget-conscious way of preventing tooth decay and teeth discolouration. Cutting back on alcohol, coffee, red wine and quitting smoking are all easy and proven ways to not only maintain good oral health but cosmetically keep tooth enamel strong and looking great.

With the right preventative care for your teeth in dental health, you’ll be on your way to the whitest teeth in Abbotsford while living on a family budget!

2. Whitening Toothpaste and Teeth-Whitening Products

A popular budget-friendly solution for people looking to affordably whiten their teeth while on a budget is to invest in special whitening toothpaste and over-the-counter teeth-whitening products.

Whitening toothpaste is inexpensive and can be bought at most drugstores and grocery stores. Typically they contain special abrasives to polish teeth and certain chemicals to break down, dissolve or cover-up stains, such as blue covarine. Be sure to look for whitening toothpaste with a seal of approval from the Canadian Dental Association so you know that it is safe and effective to use.

A lot of at-home teeth-whitening products such as gels and strips are also popular. A lot of these products are convenient for when you’re cash-strapped and seeking a quick solution for teeth a couple shades whiter within a few weeks. And although these products have varying degrees of effectiveness, for the most part they are capable of temporarily masking surface-level stains on the top layer of your teeth enamel. But be careful not to overuse them because that could lead to teeth looking unnaturally translucent and blue in colour.

3. DIY Home Teeth Whitening: Is It Effective?

There’s no shortage of cheap and custom-made, DIY solutions and advice for whitening your teeth with common household products. Many such solutions recommend combinations of all-natural products, so if you are on a tight budget, you have little to lose with trying some of them. Swishing your mouth with canola or vegetable oil for 20 minutes a day or brushing your teeth with small doses of baking soda and warm water are popular suggestions found online and overheard at dinner parties. Be mindful, however, that although these options are always affordable, results are sporadic, never guaranteed and rarely long-term.

Visit Your Abbotsford Dentist at Clayburn Dental for Professional Teeth Whitening

Of course, if at-home teeth-whitening solutions don’t deliver the more long-term and exceptionally beautiful results that you desire, the dental professionals at Clayburn Dental in Abbotsford, BC offer customizable and effective teeth-whitening services that fit all kinds of budgets. We fabricate custom-fitted moulds to wear with specially made teeth-whitening solution to tackle deep teeth stains on your natural tooth enamel.

Call us today at 604-852-8487 or request an appointment online and learn how we can help you achieve whiter teeth today!

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Abbotsford Cosmetic Dentist: Are dental X-rays dangerous?

Many people ask their Abbotsford cosmetic dentist about whether dental XRays are dangerous

There is an even greater concern for parents regarding their children.  Rest assured: Your Abbotsford children’s dentist understands these concerns and is committed to their overall well-being not just their dental health. 

So what’s the reality regarding dental XRays – are they safe or should you be concerned?

What your Abbotsford cosmetic dentist will explain is that dental XRays emit extremely low amounts of radiation.  In fact, you’re probably exposed to higher levels of radiation during everyday life than you are when you undergo a dental XRay.

Modern XRay film exposure speeds have significantly increased – making the exposure time significantly less than what it used to be in previous generations.

Even though the radiation emitted is insignificantly low, as a precaution, digital sensors are used to reduce this even more. These sensors reduce radiation by as much as 80 to 90%.  Today’s dental XRay machines utilize small cones and collimated beams (very tightly focused beams) which also helps reduce the exposure to an area that is just a few centimeters in size.

XRay machines are rigorously regulated and are required to undergo regular checks to ensure that they are working properly. You’ll also always be protected by a large, lead lined apron when you’re having an XRay taken, although with the low levels of radiation from today’s dental XRay machines, this is almost a superfluous precaution.

What number of dental XRays should you have?

Well, that really should be based on your specific circumstances.  Children’s dentists and orthodontists often recommend more frequent XRays than they would for adults, as children’s teeth and bones are developing quickly so changes are more rapid.

People who have specific conditions, such as periodontal disease or who are taking certain medications also require more frequent XRays to help with the monitoring and controlling of the disease, or to spot potential problems.  For those who practice excellent oral hygiene and have regular dental check ups, XRays may be required less frequently than for those who do not.

Why would I have an XRay if I don’t have any problems?

Although it may seem that you don’t have any problems, XRays can make sure that potential problems are discovered and treated before they advance further.  Many problems can be present long before they are detected by a visual examination.  This is why, although you may not know that you have any dental problems, your family dentist will often recommend XRays.

For instance, XRays can assist your family dentist in detecting

  • damaged or cracked fillings
  • bone loss caused by periodontal disease
  • infection or dead nerves in a root canal
  • cysts, cancers or other disease onset in the bones
  • monitoring of tooth growth and the replacement of baby teeth with permanent teeth
  • potential cavities developing between teeth
  • decay beginning beneath a filling

As you can tell, XRays are an integral part of the dental care process and while they are considered extremely safe in modern dental practices, every care is always taken to ensure complete patient safety at all times.

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Eating Nutritious Food is as Important as Not Eating Junk

Eating Nutritious FoodEating more nutritious food is probably just as important as staying away from sticky, sugary, cavity-causing foods. Carrots, just one example of foods that give your oral health a boost, can act like a toothbrush by scraping away some of the bacteria and plaque on teeth. High in beta-carotene, carrots may also lower your risk of oral cancer. (There is also evidence that beta-carotene may even help people who already have some forms of oral cancer.) In one study, just 30mg of beta-carotene a day (about 2½ carrots) produced improvement in up to 70% of cases of people with leukoplakia, the white lesions in the mouth that can mark the early stages of oral cancer.

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May 2013 Abbotsford Dentist Newsletter

A look behind the scenes at the goings on of your Abbotsford Dentist Clayburn Dental. This month we take a look at trauma in children’s teeth, the benefits of crowns and bridges, plus a Wild Dental Trivial contest that could win you an iPod Shuffle!

Clayburn Dental, Abbotsford’s Dentist for over 25 years. Now Open Sundays. New Patients and Children Always Welcome.

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Abbotsford Dentist Blog

Your Abbotsford dentist along with all of the staff at Clayburn Dental Centre are proud to announce the launch of our new website. We hope to provide you with the same comfortable atmosphere that you can expect at our office and give you the same top notch service and advice that you have come to expect from the expert staff at Clayburn Dental Centre.

You’ll find great dental health advice in the form of articles and videos on this blog – please let us know if there are any topics you’d like to see covered here.

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