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Children's Dental Services in Abbotsford

At Clayburn Dental, we provide dental services for the children of Abbotsford. We strive to provide a fun, comfortable, relaxed, and educational environment to help ensure your child's dental experience is always a positive one.

Oral Health Care Starts Early!

The Canadian Dental Association recommends the assessment of infants by a dentist within 6 months of when their first tooth surfaces or by one year of age. Thereafter, children should visit the dentist every six months for a check-up and cleaning, just like adults.

What We Do

At Clayburn Dental in Abbotsford, we like to take a holistic approach to treating dental concerns for children. We do this by:

Children's Dental Services, Abbotsford Dentist


Our dentists assess the child for any potential oral health problems by performing:

  • Oral health exams and risk assessment
  • Nutrition and diet assessment
  • Diagnosis of oral conditions associated with various disorders, such as: diabetes, asthma, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)


Our dentists provide treatment for dental health concerns, such as:

  • Repair of tooth cavities or other defects
  • Management of gum diseases and conditions (pediatric periodontal disease)
  • Dental injuries (e.g. fractured, displaced, or knocked-out teeth)
  • Correct malocclusion (improper bite) or bruxism (grinding) 
Children's Dental Services, Abbotsford Dentist
Children's Dental Services, Abbotsford Dentist


Our dentists provide preventive treatment and educational management to ensure your child maintains a healthy smile by performing:

  • Preventive dental care (check-ups and dental cleanings)
  • Habit counselling (e.g. thumb sucking, pacifier use)

Going to the Dentist Can Be Fun! 

To help kids feel comfortable and relaxed at the dentist, we offer a special "kid’s tour", which introduces them to the family dentist before they even have a dental exam. This fun tour includes an opportunity to enjoy a "chair ride", to meet the "tooth explorer", and to play with the popular water squirt, all while making friends with our team of dental professionals.

The objective of our popular "kid’s tour" is to make children want to brush and floss, and to make them feel comfortable and relaxed when it comes time for a dental exam or procedure.

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