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Can my dentist tell if I haven’t been flossing?

Can my dentist tell if I haven’t been flossing?

If you are not flossing regularly, your dentist may not be able to tell right away… but he will eventually. Here, our Abbotsford dentists explain how they always know when their patients quit flossing!

If you’re starting with healthy teeth and gums, breaking your flossing habit will not have an obvious negative effect right away. For a week or two, your teeth and gums will remain healthy, and even your dentist and hygienist may not notice a difference if you visit them for an appointment during that time.

However, this period of time will be short lived, and soon, the negative effects of not flossing will become apparent to you, your dentist… and maybe even the other people in your life!

Very soon after you quit flossing, oral health issues will begin to develop. It will start with a buildup of food debris and plaque between your teeth, and over time, will lead to bad breath, gingivitis, tooth decay, and eventually, advanced gum disease.

So, even if your dentist doesn’t notice that you’ve stopped flossing at first, it won’t be long before these issues start to develop. And then, he’ll definitely notice.

The real question, then, is why do you want to fool your dentist into thinking you’re not flossing, and risk all of these negative consequences? Why not just spend a few minutes flossing before bed every night, and keep your mouth healthy?

The foundation of good oral health is prevention. To keep your teeth and gums healthy long term, the key is not letting problems develop in the first place.

Taking the time to floss may feel mildly inconvenient in the moment, but it’s worth it when it comes to keeping your smile healthy and bright for life.

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